Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to any digital marketing strategy. Whether you’re a small startup or an established business, improving your search ranking drives organic traffic and builds brand awareness worldwide. Every day, millions of internet users get on popular search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo to look for restaurants, clothes, electronics, services, and more.

Effective marketing takes work. In the competitive online marketplace, it takes time and effort to stand out. Understanding how SEO works helps companies use search results to their advantage so that they can reach more customers faster. Learning the factors that impact search rankings, how to improve results, and managing marketing costs efficiently is key to successful SEO marketing.

SEO conferences are a fantastic place to learn the latest SEO trends and how your organization can get ahead. You can hear from experts in their fields and how they’re using the latest technology and content tools to deliver engaging content that converts. There’s a ton of hands-on learning and interactions with potential partners that can impact your business in the future.

Here’s a list of the best SEO conferences in the UK.

The Women in Tech SEO Festival – London – March 3, 2023

Price – Tickets cost anywhere from 99 to 249 GBP, depending on the access guests want.

The WTSFest happens in March in London and is a full-day conference where participants will hear from 10 experts in SEO. There’s an afterparty and post-event recordings where conversations and learning continue after the event wraps.

In session 1, you’ll hear from three expert content strategists on how to analyze keywords and build an SEO game plan. Then, session 2 is full of talks about using images in content and how to manage marketing budgets.

Session 3 dives into learning more about customer behaviors and how to use them to drive traffic with content. Speakers dive into aspects of storytelling and how to incorporate SEO tactics across content platforms. Finally, session 4 discusses achieving SEO success and building resiliency in a competitive field.

There are scholarship tickets available, and food is served at the event. You’ll also get access to the event’s private Slack channel a month before the event to connect with other guests.

BrightonSEO – Brighton – April 20-21, 2023

Price – The tickets range anywhere from free delayed access to online speeches to 680 GBP for the full in-person and training workshop experience.

BrightonSEO started as a small get-together but has since grown into a large gathering of SEO experts from around the world. This is a must-attend event for people involved in digital marketing because it’s an amazing place to learn how other leaders in the field are delivering for their companies and clients. The conference boasts an excellent list of speakers on email conversions, managing SERP volatility, web server SEO, and metrics analytics.

There are 5,000 tickets available, and people from over 100 countries travel to attend. BrightonSEO includes interactive workshops, keynote speakers, social events, and networking opportunities. If you can’t make the conference in April, there’s an online version in May.

EComm Live 2023 – Belfast, UK – April 26, 2023

Price – 199 GBP for a full-day conference, networking events, and materials

Close off the heels of brightonSEO is another terrific learning opportunity with eComm Live in Belfast. Hundreds of attendees from across the UK, Ireland, and other countries will gather for two days of training, networking, and talks from expert speakers.

The event boasts speakers from Google, TikTok, Klarna, Shopify, and other e-commerce heavy-hitters, so there will be plenty of fantastic content for SEO beginners and experts. This event is a great mix of retailers, software companies, agencies, and other players in the digital marketplace. EComm Live seeks to help companies manage the recent rapid increase in internet retail and help businesses transform to succeed in the digital age.

There are training workshops where guests can upskill in email marketing, automation, ad buying, digital analytics, and SEO for e-commerce.

Hero Conf – London – July 3, 2023

Price – Early bird tickets are sold out, but guests can still buy either the conference pass only for 999 GBP or the conference pass plus workshop for 1699 GBP.

Hero Conf happens each year in Austin and London, two of the world’s leading tech hubs, where guests can learn about the latest SEO tools and trends. With over 40 paid search experts and 300 guests, it’s a small enough event where there’s plenty of time to network and build lasting relationships in the SEO world.

The event has 44 sessions where attendees will hear about digital marketing, PPC, industry trends, and the latest in paid search. Past keynote speakers include Twitter’s product marketing lead, Quora’s marketing head, and Bing’s regional director. Representatives from Google, Capital One, Facebook, Disney, and hundreds of other companies attend Hero Conf.

Regarding SEO, past topics include how to get the most out of your paid search strategies, demystifying Google search, and how much companies should invest in branded keywords.

SMX Advanced Europe 2023 – Berlin – September 13-14, 2023

Price – Cost ranges from 895 Euros for online access to 1595 for a regular in-person conference ticket.

SMX Advanced is one of Europe’s leading SEO and PPC conferences. This is an event targeted toward experts in search and seasoned digital marketers. They skip the basics to dive deep into what’s new in search and how leading innovators are capitalizing on the latest trends. Their sessions cover the most complex issues in SEO designed to increase organic traffic and build your business.

The agenda includes topics on machine learning, understanding the Google ecosystem, server-side tagging, SEO analytics, AI, and advanced social media marketing strategies.

Search London – London – Events every 6-8 weeks

Price – TBD

Search London is a networking organization that combines search experts and marketers to discuss topics and build strong industry relationships. The group gathers every six to eight weeks at venues across the city, where they enjoy food, drinks, and speakers on topics ranging from website migration disasters to the latest changes in SEO and getting to the top of SERP.

This is a fantastic meetup group for anyone involved in SEO, PPC, or social media. They discuss the latest strategies for promoting search and how to get the best out of any marketing budget. Many of their speakers are prominent names in the London tech industry. To join, contact the organizers of Search London to sign up for one of their upcoming events.

SEOday – London – TBD

Price – TBD

The date and cost for SEOday 2023 haven’t been announced, but SEO industry insiders are checking for any announcements. This is one of the leading SEO events in the UK, and in 2022, speakers included Google’s head of webmaster trends, Shopify’s director of SEO, and leading speakers from SEMRUSH.

SEOday boasts an impressive list of sponsors from some of the best international SEO companies. Over 50,000 people attended the event either in-person or virtually to hear 14 speakers from gold-standard e-commerce and services companies.

ECommerce Expo – London – September 27-28, 2023

Price – Free to attend

ECommerce Expo is the leading UK e-comm event. It spans 10 conference theaters with over 300 of the world’s leading solution providers. This is a fantastic opportunity for people to network and see the latest software tools in action.

Speaker topics include the future of e-commerce and digital marketing, the power of data and personalization, how to develop the full marketing tech stack, and more. Over 10,000 people attend each year, and there are over 200 hours of sessions available for guests.

Festival of Marketing – London – September 2023

Price – TBD

The Festival of Marketing is a must-attend event in London that’s been around since 2013. The event brings together some of the leading authorities in search, marketing, and content creation. In 2022, the Festival of Marketing sold out weeks before the event, so make sure to register on their website to hear first when they announce more details.

The 2022 speaker list featured several marketing directors, chief product officers, and managing directors. Topics relevant to SEO included how to navigate in a recession, build a leading brand, and how to build impactful campaigns across teams. The event spans basic SEO concepts to complex digital marketing strategies.

Distilled SearchLove Conference – London – October 2023

Price – TBD

At Distilled’s searchlove conference, attendees spend two days powering up their digital marketing skills with talks on everything from analytics to SEO. Speakers present on the latest trends regarding paid promotions and content strategies. The 2022 conference in London featured topics on link building, the potential for an Apple search engine, and industry product reviews.

Speakers also touch on insider tips from tech company sales teams that they can use for more effective search and advertising results. There is also a strong focus on what works and how to measure marketing spend without having to test unproven methods.

DTX – London – October 4-5, 2023

Price – TBD

DTX is billed as Europe’s top digital transformation event. While this isn’t an SEO-specific event, there’s something for everyone, and SEO experts can learn more about data and AI, digital culture, and unified communications.

The event positions itself as a gathering of IT decision-makers from across the continent, and people from Nike, Boston Scientific, and Allianz attend. Past speakers induce CISOs, heads of IT security, and CIOs. This is a great event for people in the SEO industry to hear what’s on the horizon for leading companies and the latest digital marketing trends.

Benchmark Search & Digital Conference – Manchester – Fall 2023

Price – TBD

The 2022 Search & Digital Conference was originally slated for September, but the Queen’s passing delayed the gathering until November. As a result, make sure you register your interest for this year’s event in case they keep it in November or return to the September timeline.

Attendees at the event will hear from search marketing innovators and how they use techniques and the latest software to improve results for their companies and customers. Benchmark is famous for drawing the best leaders in search marketing to discuss PPC, SEO, and content marketing. Past speakers include representatives from Microsoft, Vodafone, StockX, and Canon.


The UK is a global technology hub with incredible opportunities for SEO industry insiders. Whether you’re a beginner looking to connect with a mentor or a seasoned agency leader, there’s something for everyone throughout the year.

Attending SEO conferences is a perfect way to develop new skills that will give you an edge to help build your brands or grow your clients’ businesses. You can learn about new software solutions and how to manage your budgets more effectively for maximum results.