Core Values - SEO Meetup
why us
Our mission at SEO Meetup is to bring together goal-oriented individuals who want to learn from each other and grow together to build a stronger marketing industry. We are committed to allowing members to share their experiences, ideas, and insight in order to create better marketing practices in the SEO space. Collaboration equals community.
Continuous Learning
SEO Meetup exists so members can continuously increase their knowledge in the SEO space. The world of SEO and marketing shifts and changes as trends and consumer practices fluctuate. SEO Meetup is dedicated to bringing the most current knowledge, trends, and skill sets to the forefront with each and every gathering.
Constant Improvement
One of the core principles of SEO Meetup is to provide room for constant improvement. Regardless of your level of SEO proficiency and marketing savvy, there is always room for growth on a skill level and on a personal level. SEO Meetup is dedicated to providing a space for members to push past their comfort zone to try new things and discuss problems and solutions. SEO Meetup is a space that is devoted to results, change, and ultimately success.
The SEO community empowers others to be their personal best by being honest, encouraging, and dedicated to its craft and to fellow members. There’s nothing more powerful than a group of like-minded individuals committed to building each other up and growing together. It’s a force that can’t be stopped. It’s not just a place to learn SEO, it’s a community that strives to motivate and cheer the ingenuity in others.
More than an SEO meetup

Our vision at SEO meetup is to help people form meaningful & productive relationships.

The digital marketing space can sometimes be a lonely place. Bringing SEOs & other interesting people together, in person, and forming meaningful and productive relations should be something we all have access to.