FAQS - SEO Meetup
Why should i join SEO meetup?
The world of SEO is technical and fast paced. Things are changing and evolving constantly. We believe adapting to the change of pace is as important as adapting to changes themselves. Our meetups will help you stay ahead of the curve and the competition.
What is SEO Meetup?
SEO meetup is an SEO community made up of SEO’s not only from Newyork but also from around the world. This means we have a diverse talent pool waiting for you to be a part of and take advantage of.
Do i need to pay anything?
No, thankfully we have some amazing and generous sponsors.
How often are the meet-ups held?
Once every month
Does SEO meetup run any virtual meetup to discuss seo?
Yes, we hold virtual meetups once every month, the exact date & time will be confirmed prior to the meetup, don’t worry we will give you plenty of notice.
What makes this meetup so special?
The community offers more than just regular meetups and discussions around SEO-related topics. We also encourage our members to share ideas, experiences, and learnings in general. If we can learn from one another’s successes and failures we will learn faster. We ask community members to share recent case studies providing unparalleled value.
Does SEO Meetup run any in-person events?
We try to run in-person events every month, if this is not possible then there will be a virtual meet-up instead.
What type of topics do you discuss on your events?
Some of the topics we cover are as follows: local SEO, national SEO, international SEO, technical SEO, and enterprise SEO. Join us once a month to stay up to date with current Google’s algorithms, improve the ROI of your online marketing efforts.