Apurva AB Bose -
VP of Operations & Strategy
Apurva AB Bose

Apurva Bose, a seasoned digital maven, effortlessly navigates SEO, owns paid search, and masters Social Media advertising with a solid 9-year journey in the field. Leading Overtake Digital, he is grown his team from one to a remarkable 20 direct reports, earning him a reputation as an industry trailblazer. Recently, Apurva took the spotlight as a speaker at BarbadosSEO 23, captivating audiences with his insights on “Cultural Biases: How We Search and Seek Results”; His dynamic discourse not only showcases his expertise but also reflects his commitment to breaking new ground in the industry.
Apurva is unique cultural background deeply influences his leadership style, fostering an appreciation for diverse perspectives. Beyond conquering marketing campaigns, he finds joy in family time with his wife and little one. A culinary explorer, he fearlessly tries global recipes, infusing his love for diverse cultures into his creations. Apurva’s passions go beyond digital marketing—he’s a proud supporter of Arsenal F.C. and the Chicago Bears, always ready to shout “Bear Down!” A confident speaker and digital dynamo, Apurva Bose effortlessly blends expertise with authenticity, making waves in both the marketing world and his kitchen.